Foundation Initiatives

  • Research funding for projects to advance the understanding and practical application of microelectronics and microelectronic packaging knowledge.

  • Awards conferred annually to encourage the study of theory and application of microelectronics and microelectronic packaging by university and college students and practitioners. In nearly all cases, the company or group of contributors that fund the award will name the award, such as the Sidney J. Stein Award for Graduate Studies or the Motorola Innovation & Design Competition.

  • Developmental grants to foster the advancement of business through the application of microelectronics and microelectronic packaging concepts and theories. A grant to prove that something "can be designed" that would benefit all companies and individual members of IMAPS who could then take the developmental study results back to their company as the starting point for their proprietary design projects.

  • Competitive scholarships awarded to individuals pursuing a graduate degree in microelectronics and microelectronic packaging. The size and nature of scholarships will be significant to the point that they attract contributions to the endowed fund that makes the scholarships possible and meaningful to supporters and scholarship winners.

  • Industry-wide statistical studies that go beyond the data and objectivity of any one company or consortium of companies, to more clearly define the impact and strategic role microelectronics and microelectronic packaging plays in the total supply chain of electronics projects.