About Us

The IMAPS Microelectronic Foundation is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service, as a 501.C3 organization. This means that any gifts to the Foundation are considered as charitable donations.

Foundation Organization

The Foundation comprises of three groups:

The Board of Directors is comprised of past officers and senior members of the IMAPS society, the current IMAPS Treasurer and academic members. The boards job is to oversee the operations of the Foundation, advise on investment strategies for the Foundations endowment and approve grants for student actives.

The Ways & Means Committee has one role, this is to organize events, activities to raise funds for the Foundation. Fundraising can take many forms from organizing charity golf tournaments to making introductions to corporate and educational foundations that share the view points of the IMAPS Foundation, and will help support the IMAPS Microelectronic Foundation activities. Any member of IMAPS in the USA can volunteer to help this committee.

The Academic Core Committee, this group is the link between the Foundation, and the IMAPS student chapters, University and College members. Through this group the proposals for grants are formulated and sent to the Board of Directors for review and approval. The committee comprises of Academic advisors and Student Chapter leaders.

Any member of IMAPS can submit a request for a grant to be considered by the board. A typical example of this would be for a program to support high school activities to conduct research into an IMAPS core interest area.

Policies and Procedures The Microelectronics Foundation operates in accordance with the Foundation's Policies and Procedures. Questions about this Policies and Procedures Manual or recommendations for change should be directed to Michael O'Donoghue, modonoghue@imaps.org.